Librairie L'Acacia . Paris III . 2012

The essay “the unavowable community” of Maurice Blanchot is transposed from printed works to the handwritten manuscript by means of a lead pencil. This transfer is done on a book which comes from a paper recycling project and designed by I.T.U Design. It is made of paper from a warehouse of excess, rejected and damaged paper in Detroit (Limited Edition).This book is displayed on the shelves of a bookstore, inserted among works of the same author.

This gesture of transfer of a book to the other through oneself, a body available, from I to It indefinitely exploring the notion of work and idleness, of the personification of impersonal, the obliteration of its own trace like writing. Is it this hollowness, is it this emptiness that binds us.

The poster of the documentary movie entitled “Home” by Yan Arthus- Bertrand is slightly stretched, then printed on photographic paper and finallyplaced on a door-mat, a small rug . The slightly curved picture assumes the shape of an arch .

“Home” returns us here to the world. It is not a world beyond one that represents another world but, rather, the world itself in its totality, in its unicity. Of what it "HOME world" does act? Can one speak about vague notion of community which would shelter under the drawing of its own form, the form “HOME world”. A world of ghost, of cycle where excess is vice residue and poured.\n..